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Already as a child I saw things in a different way, and out of that I could make up amazing stories built on my own drawings.

In my early teens I began writing poems and novels. Things of importance I put down in my notebook, for later use in my writing. My inspiration I mostly get from my environment and from people I’ve met. My personality has been shaped by strong women, which you can see in my poetry.

The road hasn’t always been a walk on roses. Partly because I have dyslexia. This fact has, however, never taken away my eager to write.

It was when I settled down in Germany that I strongly felt a mission to write. Things began to speed up. My writing started to ripe take shape in poems and novels. I was deeply engaged in the cultural life of the region and this helped me develop as a person.

It started with my collection of poems “Sehnsucht”, which I wrote in german. It was brought to attention at the international café for women in Cuxhaven, where they organize lyric events for multi-linguistic audience.

In 2013 my first novel was published. “Taiemnica Medalionu” (The Secret of the Medallion) is the first part of a trilogy. The second part “Klutz do Nieba” (Key to Heaven )came out in 2015. The third part is almost ready and will soon see the light of day.

In 2015 I also had the privilege to participate in a polish anthology named “Lodz – tkanina z wadami” – Antologia Poezji.

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