I was born i Warsaw on the 26th of November in 1955. It was a cold day in November in my parents kitchen in the presence of my grandmother Helena, a midwife and my guardian angel. I was born with a caul on my crown, which, according to a polish fairytale, is predestinated to bring happiness.

My early childhood I spent at my grandparents house. Although I was a small child, I clearly remember certain events from that time. In those days Poland was ruled by a communist government. As a citizen you were not allowed to speak the truth/have your own opinion about certain things. Whishes and dreams were not to be spoken of. You were almost prohibited from speaking freely. In spite of all this I felt in a way safe and secure and I grew up beloved and happy.

When I was a child people often met just to sit down and talk. Dark evenings in wintertime has for ever stayed in my memory because that’s when many thrilling stories were told. Some real, some true, some made up but all intriguingly interesting. Sometimes they were horrifying or almost unbelieveable. Whwn I heard or saw something exciting, I sometimes just followed a thought in my head and then started telling stories of my own.

The most wonderful part of my grown up life was when I in 1975 moved to the southern parts of Sweden. It was love that brought me there, but also my affection for the little island Hasslö in the Karlskrona archipelago. That’s also where my two children grew up. The beauty of the nature, the people, the experiences and the environment has fascinated me ever since the beginning and it has inspired me to write.

In 1997 I moved to the north of Germany and settled down in a little community called Wremen-Mulsum situated along the coastlines of the beautiful Nordic Sea.

Integrating into the german society was easy and I soon adopted all its many cultural details, traditions and moral rules of its environments and many different human fates. Their stories from daily life, but also the tales and stories from the past did encourage me to write.

After many intense years I Germany – rich of events and excitements – with two printed and published book in my backpack, I felt that my mission in Germany was over/finished.

So – in May 2016 – I moved back to Sweden and am now living near Skurup in the beautiful Skåne. Close to the wonderful Östersjön and to one of the most lovely and inspiring seashores I know – Mossby strand.

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